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Let's face it, a traditional wedding is not for everyone and I LOVE that. What better way to kick off a marriage, full of fun, than with a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel. Imagine reciting your vows amongst the cliffs of Ireland, on a black sand beach in Iceland, between the towering trees of the Redwood Forest, or even on the rooftop of a New York City building at sunset, twinkling lights as the magic of the night of the big city awakens around you. There are so many amazing locations just a plane flight away that can make for the most epic setting for your love story.  Our goal is to let those raw and timeless moments dance on film for eternity!


On the day of your elopement, know that I will be there to capture all the intimate, special, hilarious, and memorable moments. Some that you had no idea even happened. The reason I know this is because I LOVE what I do.  I want to tell your story with authenticity, creativity, heart, color, and perfection.

Our packages now reflect what we want to do as a business. We have cut the things we did not love and are now only offering the things we feel are the very best. We start off with a great base package and give you the option to add on as you see fit for your special day.


Epic Elopement

3 Minute Cinematic Film

• As many hours the day of to make an EPIC film

• Instagram Teaser Film

• Second Day Adventure Session

• Drone Footage (weather and location permitted)

• No Additional Travel Fees



Each additional mINUTE added TO Feature Film / 300

Want a longer film? Add on as many minutes as you want.

Additional ADVENTURE SESSION / 500

Take advantage of your beautiful elopement location by adding on this 2-3 hour Adventure Session before or after your elopement day. We can film you hanging out and walking through the landscape/city or doing something more outdoorsy like hiking, swimming, boating, etc.  Adventure Sessions are like the whipped cream on top. They add something extra special to your love story film. 

Delivery of films in 4k / 300

Upgrade from 1080p to 4K


Crafting Epic Films For Adventurous Couples

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