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5 Good Reasons To Elope

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

1. Money

Obviously, money is a big reason to elope. According to Wedding Wire’s “Newlywed Report,” the average wedding sets consumers back just under $40,000. Ummm, what?! Wedding venue, decor, floral, catering, wedding planner, open bar, photography; the list goes on. So many moving parts, stressful planning, and a great deal of budget stretching and rearranging all comes down to one day that seems to be over in an instant.

In our opinion, there is only one thing that can be truly preserved from your wedding day: your memories. We feel the best way to paint these priceless moments are through film and photography. However, there is only one thing that will absolutely capture the emotion in your vows spoken to one another, your laughter, your tears, and the love and affection so evident on your special day, and that is your wedding video.

When you choose to elope, you’re able to invest in the things that will last far beyond your lifetime. Just think, one day, you will be able to sit down with your children or grandchildren and show how young and in love you were. You will share with them words of wisdom on what it has takes to make a marriage last. Most importantly, you will have one of the most intimate days in your life captured and documented on film.

2. You’re longing for an adventure

What better way to kick off a marriage, full of fun, than with a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel. Imagine reciting your vows amongst the cliffs of Ireland, on a black sand beach in Iceland, between the towering trees of the Redwood Forest, or even on the rooftop of a New York City building at sunset, twinkling lights as the magic of the night in a big city awakens around you! There are so many amazing locations around our country and also the world that can make for the most epic love story.

Here are some locations we love:

Cathedral Rock- Sedona, Arizona

Pictures provided by our friend Nick Patton Photos

Salt Flats in Utah

Oregon Coast

Yosemite National Park

Horseshoe Bend and The Wave- Arizona

Bonus: your destination elopement can double as a honeymoon!

3. Big weddings make you anxious

Let’s be honest, standing in front of hundreds of people as they stare at you is not everyone’s “cup of tea.” Or, we know it’s easy to let anxiety from your “nothing goes off without a hitch mentality” take over and consume the true meaning of your special day. Yes, the big party is fun, but your wedding day should be focused on your love for one another and preserving that moment for a lifetime; not on they delivered turquoise, not sea foam green tablecloths!

4. You don’t want to deal with everyone else’s opinions

This one makes us laugh because it happens to every couple, even us. Your family loves you and wants what they think is best for you, but at the end of the day, they can just be down right obnoxious. These differing opinions can bring out the best, but sometimes the worst in people. So, by eloping, you can avoid the napkin color, place setting, and wedding dress debates, and hurt feelings altogether.

5. You want it to just be about your love

By eloping, you and the love of your life are taking control of your wedding day. You are able to create a stress-free environment and just enjoy your moment, your one day in time that is all about you. You call the shots, you make the timeline, you create an adventure that, when caught on film, will truly last a lifetime.

We think these are 5 good great reasons to elope! We suggest after your elopement, you have a big bbq/reception and invite your loved ones to celebrate in your love. This is a great setting to share your love film and photos of your special day.

We would love to help you plan your elopement for free! To get more info, contact us at:

Jeff & Rachael

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