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Wedding at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, Oregon

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Wedding Venue
Wedding of Brittany & Wesley

Getting married at Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a perfect way to celebrate a BOHO wedding in Eugene, Oregon. As wedding videographers capturing an Oregon wedding, we were thrilled to learn about the couple’s choice in venue and from beginning to end the day proved to be absolutely magical. Using Google Maps, we had no problem finding our way to the venue and parking was abundant. A short walk to the ceremony and reception sites from the designated parking area also proved to be very convenient. As you walk from the parking lot toward White Oak Pavilion you cannot help but to be captivated by your surroundings. Soaring trees, singing birds, and deer roaming the grounds immediately transformed the day into a true fairytale. Getting ready on site is not optimal, but two small very basic rooms located on either side of the dance floor are available and great for getting dressed and touching up hair and make-up. The rooms also allow for enough room to store personal belongings. Next, we were able to capture an intimate first look just behind the dressing rooms on a dirt path surrounded by trees and flowing lichen. Moving on to the main event, the ceremony was absolutely enchanting as the couple and their wedding party were framed by the massive white oak tree backdrop. The dream catchers secured to the lower tree branches, dancing in the breeze, provided a whimsical touch that continued the theme of perfection through-out the day. Next, the tall grass just beyond the ceremony site is surrounded by towering trees and was a perfect location for couple pictures during golden hour. Finally, the reception took place in a rustic style establishment with sliding barn doors that open on all four sides. The dance floor is lit overhead with strings of globe bulb lighting and is immediately next to the dining area providing easy access to those who are down to party and still enjoyable for those onlookers who are a little more reserved. Overall, Mount Pisgah Arboretum is an absolute gem of a wedding venue in Eugene, Oregon and a perfect spot to tie the knot!

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