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Tips For Writing Better Wedding Vows

Whether you feel prepared or not, there is no question that writing your own vows can be intimidating. These are some of the most intimate words you will ever recite to your partner and to top it off, this is not a private event. As you vow your forever promises in front of friends and family the pressure is definitely on.

So, just before your wedding, you sit down and finally put pen to paper. All your loving thoughts and visions for your future together ready to be painted into the biggest promise of your life and… blank. Nothing comes out. You ask yourself, “What am I supposed to say?” “What will he/she write to me?” “Theirs [vows] will surely be better than anything I can come up with.” Instantly, you feel stressed, deflated. You just want this to be over with so you can enjoy the fun part--the reception and the rest of your life together.

After witnessing many brides and grooms scrambling to jot down words of love to be pledged at the altar, we have been inspired to offer a few tips on how to break that mental block and truly put together an earnest set of words that will be cherished for a lifetime.

To start, give yourself time. Do not wait until the day of the wedding in your “getting ready suite.” There’s too much distraction and stress. This is not an ideal place to write your vows.

Next, pick a recurring set of words. What do we mean by this? Sit down and reminisce about your time and adventures together. Try beginning with:

[Their name], since I met you…

That beginning statement is memorable and can be repeated throughout your vows. That one sentence has given you direction and can now be used to describe your desires, both past and present.

Another solid foundation to begin your vows is:

[Their name], my love for you...

Again, this simple set of words can spark an array of instances why you have fallen in love with the person you are soon to marry.

Finally, your vows are words straight from the heart. They are affirmations of love and promises to treasure forever. Once you have a solid foundation to begin writing, the rest comes naturally as you remember your life together so far and look forward to what your future holds. We encourage you to step back and enjoy the opportunity to vow your love to one another. Embrace the simplicity of the writing process and don’t overthink it. Enjoy creating this list of promises to your forever person and you will create a beautiful set of words to recite to your bride/groom.

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